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Welcome to the Community! We are happy that you want to join our Bounty Campaign or become an Ambassador. Please check out the different options below. Please note: Your email address will be required as identifier for each campaign. You can follow your campaign status here:



You can become an ambassador with your unique Referral Link. If people purchase BLOX in token sale, you’ll receive 3% of their purchase as bonus! Just register at Bloxia and activate your Referral Link.

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Why do you need my email address? 2018-06-26T21:00:05+00:00

We need it for merging your bounty, airdrop and affiliate participation. We will not publish your address or give it away.

How often do you update the Tracking Sheet? 2018-07-12T15:41:38+00:00

We updated it a few days after the Airdrop for a final Telegram/Twitter List. For Bounty we will update every 48 hours.

When do I get my bonus BLOX? 2018-07-12T19:43:13+00:00

Bonus BLOX will be sent within 45 days after the token sale.

I can´t see my bonus BLOX 2018-07-12T19:51:05+00:00

When you referred someone or a sale it will appear as “Pending”. If the sale was successful and there was no spam, we will change the status to “Approved” according to the limits. Then you will also see the amount you have earned.

How does the Referral Link work? 2018-07-12T19:55:47+00:00
  1. Register at
  2. Click on “My Bonus” and activate your link by clicking on “Activate Referral Campaign”
  3. Grab your referral link. If people follow your link and purchase BLOX in token sale, you’ll receive 3% of their purchase as bonus BLOX on top!

Bonus BLOX are limited to: sale bonus 10k and registration bonus 75 per referrer.